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Apple inc. (aapl) has decided to buy back shares up to a value of 10 billion dollars. New Apple CEO Tim Cook has decided to give out this dividend which is against what former CEO Steve Jobs would have done.

Investors are eagerly awaiting news from Apple about what will be done with the 100 billion dollars in cash it currently has. Many are hoping that they will start paying a dividend . New Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to give a conference call at 9:00am to discuss the issue.

George Clooney was arrested earlier today after protesting about human rights abuses in the Sudan.

Ever wonder what it would be like to fly? You don’t have to anymore by using the flight simulator cockpit.

This high tech aircraft was seen in Kansas by a farmer. Seems like a pretty expensive piece of equipment.

Flight Simulator Cockpit Kits
[caption id=”attachment_233” align=”alignleft” width=”288” caption=”Nasa Aircraft”][/caption] Ever felt like your very own professional flight simulator cockpit is an unattainable dream? Well, not anymore! There is a great option out there for the hard core flying enthusiasts among us. Why don’t you build your simpit using flight simulator cockpit kits. These kits we’re talking about here aren’t like most of the cheap flight simulators outfitted with just LCD screens trying to mimic

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Becoming a combat pilot using Flight Simulation Software
Have you ever dreamed of conquering the skies as a fighter pilot? Many flight simulator enthusiasts have, but there’s just one small problem. You have to endure endless hours of grueling military training first! Thankfully, there is a way around this. Modern flight simulation games provide the answer. As flight simulation technology improves, so does the realistic nature of your flying experience. As a matter of fact, flight simulators are used extensively worldwide for military pilot

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Top Notch Flight Simulation Software
What are the most critical aspects of flight simulation software? If you’re serious about flight simulators then you have to know the answer to this question. The right software must be able to satisfy a flight enthusiast’s needs which are varied of course. Some persons want to get a realistic experience of flight while some others might be

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Flight Simulator Force Feedback Controls
Flight Simulator Force feedback controls have a lot to offer people interested in getting a genuine flying experience from the comfort of their homes. There are various needs that flight simulator games satisfy in different players. For some, it’s a chance to be the fighter pilot going into a hail of bullets in order to defend freedom once more.

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